Sunday, December 8, 2013

The Wonder of Christmas - His Name is Called...

Friday after work a good friend and I went to see the annual nativity display at a local church. We've been going to it for the past 3 years. 
This year's theme was His Name Is Called. The many names of Jesus were on the walls and Bibles were opened to verses where some of His many names were written.

We sat down and listened to the music for a bit before we walked around and looked at the many, many, many nativities. 

Some of the old German prayer  books and Bibles that were tucked in with the nativity scenes. 

It's not just a bunch of nativity sets on tables.....
it's the lighting, flowers, greens, pine cones, and other special touches that these ladies use.

This set has scripture written on the figures.

Soft set - kid friendly display
A tiny nativity in the NOEL on the Bible. 

A few of the nativities we remember from previous years, but many were new to us.
This stained glass set was new. 
Actually MANY years ago I took a stained glass class and made a set similar. It was my first attempt and is falling apart so I don't set it up anymore. MAYBE someday I'll redo it.

The set below is carved out of coal. It was purchased in West Virginia. 
I like the colors and the animal depiction in the one below.
Tables and tables of displays. 
Whimsical and fancy.

This set is made from real cookies and is a couple of years old.
I laughed when I saw this small set in a TV.

And last,  but not least.....can you see the nativity in this butterfly picture????
Look closely....all the characters are there....I did find them. 
Hint - look at the white spaces....
See it yet???

Look smack dab in the middle of the wing.....see it now?
You should be able to see Joseph (on the left) with his staff, a shepherd is behind him. Mary is to the right with an angel behind her.
Hopefully you've got it now. 
If I knew how I'd put an arrow pointing to the manger but it you should be able to figure it out.

The weekend is over.....and we finally have snow. Oh well, we knew it was going to happen. 
I'm sure a wonderful week lies ahead!!!


  1. What a wonderful display all the way around, Linda. That WING is amazing, isn't it? I bet you look forward to this every year- xo Diana

    1. Yes, I do look forward to it every year.

  2. I think I will try and get there this Friday. It is truly beautiful.

  3. You sure captured the highlights! It is such a spiritual experience to view this display.

  4. Wow...I love all the nativities you featured. Each one is so unique and special. Thanks so much for sharing...:) Blessings, Vicky
    Life On Willie Mae Lane

  5. I love all the displays. The butterfly wing is brilliant! xx

  6. Thanks so much for posting so many photos of the nativities, they're amazing. I laughed, too, when I saw the one in the little TV.