Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Almost Christmas!

 The tree is up.
It doesn't have a star, nor  is there a tree skirt...these things will come....
When I am home I leave the lights on all day.

 This year I used anything that is not an angel or a Santa. 
No bows, ribbon,  garland, or you think I used enough balls?
The pink & greenish ornament in the center is vintage, it was my grandma's. 
Some of the ornaments are hand made, some are gifts, and some I just like.
I still have to hide the pickle!
 Another one of my grandma's ornaments near the bottom. 

Today I went to the winter concert for 2 of my grandsons....but I forgot to put the memory card in my camera. I have a dumb phone and don't use it for photos. I  always have my camera...usually I have a dead I made sure it was charged....but forgot the memory card..... maybe I need a new memory card???
I was able to take 2 photos of each boy. 
I better put the memory card in NOW so it's ready for Saturday's concert....I have to leave early for that one!


  1. Pretty tree. You are way ahead of me!

  2. Battery charged, memory card, get it all together so you can take a lot of pics on Saturday! Your tree is always cute! Love all the balls.