Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Do I Really Need Another Purse?

The answer is no........but read on.......I like going to our small St Vinnie's because I can look at everything in about 1/2 hour unless I stop to talk to someone. I do check out almost everything, I speed check some of the men's stuff and kids stuff, and avoid baby things. One never knows what's waiting , it might be something you didn't know you 'needed'. Sometimes I'm almost out of the door and I remember what I was looking for, so I have to backtrack to see if it's on the shelf, sometimes it is...sometimes not. The other day as I was browsing the purses I touched one that felt soft, like real leather. If I buy any more purses it needs to be something I really love and good quality. This one was a nice size and a Tignanello handbag. I know they are sold on one of the television shopping shows. It was in good condition and I liked the look of it..... so....it.... came home with me. I paid $1 for it.....the one here is selling for more. Mine has a little wear around the magnetic closure on one side. I'm a happy camper though. I like a little larger purse for work because I often carry my Nook with me. This one will work for the Christmas concerts and lunch I am attending, it's quality but not brand new. For some odd reason I like things that are broken in and don't shout 'NEW'.

I guess I just needed a little break from Christmas stuff. 
Last night I rode around with some friends to see Christmas light displays, we went to 3 places and I know I want to take my grands to 2 of them!

Today I am going to the concert of my 2 grandsons that live nearby and then I'm going to finish my Christmas shopping!   YAY!!!!


  1. WOW! Now THAT was a good buy! Who could resist? xo Diana

  2. Great buy! Love that purse!

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