Sunday, December 15, 2013

Stepping Back Into Time

Saturday afternoon I went with a (very small) group from our church to  Pinecrest Historical Village to get a glimpse of what Christmas was like 100 years ago. We've been having a really cold spell along with some lake effect snow so I wasn't sure that I wanted to go....but when I say I am going to do something I do it (94% of the time). There were only 2 cars going and I was driving one of them. Naturally the country roads were a bit slippery so I was pretty slow, I didn't care if a couple of cars passed me.
No, this wasn't the of the paths we walked on in the village.

I wasn't planning to take my grandson, but his mom called in the morning and asked if I had make a long story short J wanted to go along, so I swung past his house and picked him up. Tapping out a morse code message was his favorite part. 

 In the cheese factory we were given a small container of sweet cream that we could churn into butter by shaking. 
Deb, grandson J, and Carolee paused from  their "shake, shake, shake....shake your booty" for a photo. After about 30 minutes of shaking we had a small ball of butter inside our containers.

Pretty as a postcard?

 Yes, I think this would be a good post card too!

This tree, decorated with mittens, was inside one of the buildings.

 Inside the bar room,
the doctor and dentist were upstairs.

Don't you just love these old desks?

Old lunch boxes.
Notice the cup on the top of the lunch box on the top shelf. 

Another postcard image. 
Entrance to the tavern, doctor, & dentist.

In-spite of temps in the 20's it wasn't very cold. The lack of wind had a lot to do with that.
I would have liked to walk around and go inside more of the buildings but J got bored and wanted to go home. He was great for quite a while but then......

The good news is I got my tree up today!!!! One step closer to being ready for Christmas......

Have a great week and thanks for stopping by. 


  1. What a fun place, Linda. Did you ever go to Heritage Hill in Green Bay? This time of year they have people in character telling about what it was like living then. They talk as if no visitors are around. Sounds like your grandson did quite well for a while. lol Kids get bored with things we enjoy-don't they?

    Glad you got your tree up. I am all done decorating finally! xoDiana

  2. Awesome pictures! Again. Fun day.