Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Thankful on Day 29

Cookies? You're thinking why am I thankful for cookies????OK, I am not exactly thankful for cookies.........although I do like them and eat plenty of them. It's really hard for me to say this but I am thankful for the cooler weather that forces me to stay inside and for the bit of ambition I have been experiencing. Monday morning I had just a few errands to run and was home in less than an hour. I was planning on an out of town shopping trip but I didn't have my list in order so I stayed home and decided to bake some cookies, pinwheel cookies .... I haven't made them in years and I like them. For some reason I am in the mood to bake this year...hope it lasts. When I was a single parent with my 3 children at home I use to bake lots of cookies and candy and freeze them for Christmas. I tried to hide them in an unheated closet so the kids wouldn't eat everything up....it was a bit successful. The past several years I haven't baked much...not sure if it was due to apathy on my part or that of my family's, lack of time, dietary concerns, or just laziness. I also cleaned out one of my cupboards today.
Last week on Monday I took everything out of the pantry and cleaned it out. Let's hope this keeps up!!!
What, if anything, have you done in preparation for Christmas (or whatever holiday you celebrate)?


  1. I can so relate to this post! I love summer & enjoy all the outdoor activites & things summer brings but this year I'm kind of looking forward to winter. It seems I'm much more at peace in the winter. I do things around the house & just enjoy a simpler way of life. I so get why you are thankful for this!

  2. Yummmmm! COOKIES! I want cookies!
    Deb the Cookie Monster!