Monday, November 21, 2011

Boy! Is My Timing Off..........

Think about it...........Friday is the official start of the (expensive) holiday shopping season even though I try to think about Christmas all year round. Since hubby switched jobs a couple of years ago our income has been way down. He is the breadwinner, I only work part time and pay for things I want....whether it's for the house or my personal pleasure.
So why have I gone on a spending spree? Last week I ordered new glasses when I would have been OK with my present ones. The new glasses are well over $500. I decided to get them because hubby has vision insurance this year.............good vision insurance and he doesn't think he'll take it next year. We don't need new glasses every year. I have always gotten my glasses at Shopko and the last time I did I joined AARP in order to get a 30% discount. This year I compared Shopko and the Vision Center and with our insurance I saved about $300 so I opted to purchase the new glasses this year. He has a health savings account at work so we pay for medical expenses out of it....but I can't use it to pay for my glasses because he's used it up for my dermatology bills. I know it's more urgent to take care of my precancerous conditions than new I get to pay for them out of pocket. It seems like I usually end up waiting until the end of the year because then I know my deductible has been paid up.
Last Friday I had coupons to use and also did some shopping. I stopped at a unique store (so sick of the big box stores) and found a necklace I liked to go with a certain top I have. I have been looking for a necklace for a long time. It was very inexpensive so I got it for myself and told my BFF to pass the word that I'd like the matching bracelet.

I needed to find a gag gift for a friend who is turning 65 this week so I hit the thrift stores......... where I did find what I was looking for.........and a couple of tops for myself. I need to stay out of the thrift stores!!!

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  1. Thrift stores are addicting. They are popping up all over the place around here!