Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Just Drive

Sunday I went to my oldest granddaughters 11th birthday party.....how did she grow up so fast? She's turning into a delightful young lady (who likes to scrapbook too- yay!) She's a thoughtful and kind girl. Most of my grandchildren live over an hour to 2 hours drive away, so I'm glad I don't mind driving.

On the way to work this morning I was thinking about driving.........I'm thankful that I can drive a standard transmission (even though right now only our convertible has a stick). I learned how to drive on a stick, thanks to my mom. She wanted me to learn how to drive (I suppose in her day there were more women who did not drive - one was her older sister) and our car was a stick...so there ya go. The first winter I drove the car in snow I had some problems. (Now I realize I probably didn't have the wheels straightened out). Anyway, when I'd shift into gear and start to drive I'd run right into the curb....over and over....so I got ticked and walked home (at least 1/2 mile). I am not a patient person. It wasn't so funny then, but it is now. Previously if I wanted to use our truck hubby couldn't find an excuse because I could drive it. *smile*

The sunset on the way home. The good thing about getting home when it's almost dark is that it forces me to stay inside and once in a while I actually accomplish something.

Since I'm behind in my 30 Days of Thanksgiving I'm doubling up today. I'm thankful that I have pretty good health. I don't need to take a handful of pills every day, I feel good, I can breath, and can move around pretty good.

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  1. Lovely granddaughter and beautiful photos. My mom taught me to drive with a stick shift too. I'm also thankful I can still get around quite well, although I work very hard at keeping it that way.