Friday, November 25, 2011

Faithful Place & Black Friday

I finished Faithful Place by Tana French several days ago but have been busy with Thanksgiving preparations so haven't posted. The book was recommended by someone in my book club. It takes place in Ireland during the present day. Frank leaves his dysfunctional family at 19 and returns 22 years later to try to solve a disappearance? murder? case. The complexities of family relationships are explored upon his return after 22 years away from his family.What clues are in the old suitcase that was found hidden behind the chimney in the abandoned house? Since a lot of Irish slang is used the writing is pretty colorful. It's a good book, go ahead and read it.

Today I'm thankful that I it was a really mild fall day and I was able to get rid of the remaining potted plants I had outside, toss the pumpkins, and put away the fall things.....I even put one Christmas wreath out. I thought about putting up some Christmas lights out but didn't because I don't have any clips for the gutters to hang the lights on. I really miss not having outdoor lights up.

I also pulled out the gifts I've purchased already to see what I have for the grand kids for St Nick's. I was pleasantly surprised that I only have to buy a couple of things yet....woo hoo!

Did you hit any of the 'Black Friday' sales? I work until noon on black Fridays so only do a little shopping after work, even if I was off I would NOT be a part of it....maybe if I was 20 years younger...but you won't catch me shoving or being a part of any other nastiness that I often hear about. My daughter in law goes and they usually have a good time. ......maybe I should have gone......I can't am up way past my bedtime blogging. .......


  1. I did my Black Friday shopping online cause I don't like the crowds.

  2. I did go out on Black Friday! I don't act like a fool either. I told my daughter just too let some of the crowds get what they want & then we will go look. I refuse to be iggnorant over a few bucks :)