Thursday, November 17, 2011


I'm thankful that I can watch nearly 2 hours of crafting on HSN (shopping channel) with the hosts oohing and aahing over the new Cricut Mini (especially when I have a Cricut in my online shopping cart - and I do want it but keep telling myself I don't need it) and not even hop online their site to order! It doesn't need the expensive cartridges, you can purchase (online) just the images you need, it doesn't take up much space, etc.

I tell ya, those folks that sell on the shopping channels make me think I need everything! ....the $350 leather purse that I'll have forever (then why would I watch them and buy another purse?).....the beautiful gold earrings that will be my 'go to' pair and the ones I will wear every day and for going out......and on and on. I am so thankful that I have the will power not to order from those programs! (But I do NOT have the willpower to keep chocolate out of my mouth) Sometimes I like to watch the craft shows just to see what they offer and what is new. I'll stop for a few minutes to watch fashion, shoes, and purses once in a while too. This time of year it's fun to watch the gift shows (for ideas). It sounds like I watch a lot of TV shopping, no, I really don't. And I VERY SELDOM buy a product, before I do I like to check the customer ratings for that item.

Back to the Cricut- ever since I went to the Waypost scrapbooking retreat I've wanted a Cricut (so many women had one) and have had one in my HSN shopping cart (but never checked out). I just keep telling myself it would actually be more work for my scrapbooking attempts, I have other tools - a Slice (actually my daughter has it), a Vagabond, a Bind-it-All, rubber stamps, a really old die cutting machine-, I don't have room for it, I can't afford it, and stickers are less expensive and quicker to purchase and just stick on, I don't do that much scrapbooking, and my scrap books are pretty simple and not magazine ready. How did I do? Do you think I've talked myself out of it?

Do you have a Cricut? Do you have crafting tools that you had to have but don't use? Please tell me I am not the only one!

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  1. I thought I had been following your blog, but I had not been. I am now.
    Oh my goodness, I have so much jewelry making stuff that I haven't used, along with a new sewing machine, needlework supplies, macrame supplies. I could go on and on. I am so bad and yes I watch HSN and QVC. I have to stop myself. I have bought too many things that I just send back. I am just bad at willpower when it comes to buying things.