Sunday, November 20, 2011

Vintage Necklace

I love this vintage acorn necklace. The acorns look like wood, but are not. The details are fabulous. It's a choker style and I do not wear it often but will never get rid of it. Usually I know where everything came from (either grandma or thrift shop, I am leaning toward thrift store, but am not positive.) I love vintage jewelry and have several pieces, but I don't find much that I like but can afford anymore. On one occasion I was wearing a vintage necklace and some one said to me "No offense, but is that necklace vintage?" Yes, it was and no offense was taken.

I could not find any markings on it. Look at the details on the chain, even the links have texture on every second one.

What do you think? Do you like it? Would you wear vintage jewelry?


  1. I love a lot of the art deco vintage jewelry, but now days it is expensive.

  2. I would NEVER get rid of it!! It is so special!

  3. I love's absolutely charming! Deb, who does wear necklaces!

  4. I did some research and found out this is a 50's thermoset acorn necklace...rare...wish I had the bracelet and earrings.