Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Laughter is the Best Medicine

......and it's cheap too, that is as long as you are NOT using it to make fun of some one's misfortune.

I often use it and encourage others to laugh with me when I do something really 'blond', such as walking into a door. The other night all of the lights were off downstairs and I was walking through the family room to the laundry room and "BAM" I smashed right into the door, and believe me, it happens just like they show it in the cartoons. The basement door is suppose to be closed...but guess who left it open???? probably me. I laughed and said something funny to hubby like "Boy, that was fun!"

I also have to have a sense of humor regarding all of they typos I make while writing this blog. For instance, one of my recent posts was titled "untitted" until I noticed it and changed it. Sometimes I choose the auto correct and don't see that I've agreed to a word that looks similar to what I thought I wrote but is not at all what I meant. I can spell and speak reasonably well, but I can not type worth a darn! sorry......

I appreciate a sense of humor and that is what I am thankful for today - a sense of humor. Some people are so serious that you can not joke around with them. When I am comfortable and like someone I am likely to joke with them. Some of my grandchildren have a unique sense of humor and it is noticeable when they are really young........by the time they're a year old you can tell. I just love it!!! So lighten up a little and don't take life so seriously all of the time!!!

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  1. Sometimes that is all we need!
    Thanks for following me. I will be back to catch up with you.
    Peace...Naila Moon