Friday, September 9, 2011

Tired/On the Other Hand

I try to post several times a week and I don't know why; it's not like I have so much vital stuff to say or that I have have hundreds of followers waiting in anticipation of my words or that my paycheck depends upon it. (key word "stuff", it's just stuff). Sometimes I just get tired; mentally, physically, and emotionally. My mind has been a blank lately....I don't have anything new & exciting to write about....the only 'fun' I have is with my grand kids and not everyone loves them as much as I do and wants to read about them. I get tired of spending every Saturday night with grandson J and doing things with Jalen & Skylar...but if I don't I miss them. I like to do things with them that I know their parents won't do. I get tired of the feeling that their parents could gladly do without me and the fact that I can't just call to chat and see how the kids are.

On the other hand I love the feeling of joy I see on the boys faces when we do something fun. I miss my other grand kids whom don't live close enough to spend time with on a regular basis.

I get tired of having so many responsibilities at work and being the 'go to' person. I use to have time to get my personal work notes up to date and neatly typed and think about what I am doing. I am always working so quickly that I fear I will rush through and make mistakes. Conversely I am proud that I am given responsibility and know what is going on and how to handle various things. On the other hand I kinda like 'being in charge'.

I get tired of being the social secretary at home.........oh, how could I forget? ...we don't have a social life. Hubby has his golf/sports buddies and I have my friends. I miss having couple friends and doing things together. On the other hand hubby doesn't say anything when I do things with my friends, such as my upcoming Washington DC trip. But I sure would like to do some traveling (even a day trip) with him. He is just not that type of guy.....and I get tired of that.

For instance, some of his golfing buddies are coming up this weekend. Two of the guys are staying guess who gets to clean??? Yup -me :-( On the other hand he did do a good job on the lawn for a change. But it sure would be nice if he'd help with some of the inside stuff. Our ice maker froze up and I had to haul all of the food downstairs to the basement freezer/fridge. I didn't even bother to mention it to him b/c all he'd say is "who do I look like? a refrigerator repair man?" I know what has to be done so I did it. In fact if anyone is going to do repairs/hang pictures etc around here, chances are it will be me. I wish someone offered hands on home repair classes....I'd LOVE that. I get tired of not having a man who does things around the house.

I get tired of people expecting me to remember their special days but they forget mine.

I get tired of people not saying 'Thank You'. On the other hand I am pleasantly surprised when I get a thank you card in the mail or a phone call.

I get tired of always being the one who has the notes/calender/schedule. I like to be organized and am a list maker. I don't like it when I am expected to be that person, on the other hand I am pleased when someone is appreciative that I do have the information.

I am just tired.........haven't slept good the past 2 nights....I made myself get up earlier than I wanted to because I have so much to do today....but I just spent 45 min on the phone with my SIL. And my knees hurt........not as bad as before but still a pain in the (knee) - sucks to get old. I'm off to get a haircut this morning, then to the library to return some overdue books (my fault and now I have to pay the fine), and then I get to clean. On the other hand I'm glad I have today off. Tomorrow I can sleep in BUT I promised my grandsons I'd pick them up and do something fun before their little brothers 1st birthday party.


  1. I can relate! We all get tired of everything sometimes. You need to give yourself a me break...sans grandkids/hubby/children. Go on, we will wait and THEY will survive.
    Peace...Naila Moon

  2. You're planning a trip to DC? What's that all about? Sounds like that is something to look forward to.

    Wonder what would happen if you just walked out the door one weekend and told the hubby you were off to play golf...

    A change in your routine might make others think twice.

  3. I agree with need some "me" time.

  4. Hi there, sound like you are going through a bad path. Take yourself off shopping for the day, or book into a spa. If you must cook at the end of the day, bring home a take away.
    Have a great weekend

  5. Thanks for coming by. Yes, winters are long but Spring is right behind. ;) You take care.
    ~Naila Moon

  6. Lately I've had a lot of the same feelings. I've decided though that regardless of how shocked or upset others get because I'm NOT doing for them, I'm going to do for myself. A healthy you (physically & mentally) is vital in order for you to take care of others properly. You have to take time out for yourself in order to be a healthy you. Sounds like it's time for a lifestyle change friend!!!!