Saturday, July 16, 2011

It was a Tough Choice to Make

I had to decide if I should allow my hubby to experience a heart attack and divorce me when he recovers and get what I wanted or pass it by and leave empty handed (but still with a roof over my head and food to eat). One was all I wanted.... but 'they' wouldn't let me have just one, it was all or nothing. Thank God I drive a car and hubby has the truck.....I could have my childhood memories, a part of history, and make new memories with my grand kids.....all for free.......what to do???? In the end I decided that I could not take all three of these old desks, we just don't have the room, not even for one, but I would have made room for 1. I guess I made the right decision when I walked away with only $4 Stone Mountain purse. Yes, they were at a garage sale on the curb with a FREE sign on them, not in bad condition either. *sigh* When I was a kid we played school in the neighbors basement, I and their 2 girls....fond memories. I always wanted an old desk and these were free but I knew hubby would 'blow a gasket' if I brought them home and I had no way of transporting I sadly walked away.......... I told hubby about it and am glad I left them, hopefully to find a good home!


  1. I can perfectly understand this temptation. I think I might have been tempted to go back with a handsaw and disconnect one desk from the bottom rails...

  2. I have two school desks (being a teacher I thought I was justified in my purchases)One is really old and it has the nesk top that flips up to hold books. The other is a desk that has a sidebar to hold books and it has been beautifully painted white with flowers. I would have made my husband carry them home on his back! j/k or am I?

  3. These desks are like those in The Waltons!