Monday, July 25, 2011

What's on My Mind on Monday

Today was a perfect summer day in Wisconsin: sunshine, clear blue skies, and a little breeze. I went to my friends home today and we took her dog for a short walk in her small town. This covered bridge leads to the park. We walked and talked about a lot of things. Only 3 of my grandchildren live within 20 minutes of us, the other are over an hour away. So, in theory, we could do lots of things with the boys, but their parents don't care for me so they spend a lot of time with the other grandparents. The baby doesn't even know us. I have tried to have a normal, "hi, what's new, stop over anytime" relationship with them but for a number of reasons it doesn't happen. I really have to apply the SERENITY PRAYER to the situation and let them go.................................................

God grant me the serenity
to accept the things I cannot change;
courage to change the things I can;
and wisdom to know the difference.

Also, a dear friend of mine is facing a very difficult decision that will affect the rest of her life and that of her son.

There are people in her life and mine that can be so verbally abusive and mean. The whole family is one that can hold a grudge for a whole generation. I can't hold a grudge, I get mad, and then get over it. I speak my mind and if need be, I will apologize and get on with life. It eats me up when I keep it inside.

After I got home from my walk with Kathy I stopped at the thrift store, library, and finally the grocery store. Then I came home and looked at some magazines while I sat on the deck. I found a new one: My Home My Style, it's a new magazine and has lots of great ideas for decorating and building things for your home. So many neat, easy ideas........ I love to look and get great ideas, but have a difficult time following through.

Since hubby was home for supper tonight and I wasn't at work today I decided to make supper.....but wouldn't you know it....a friend invited us over for dinner about 1/2 hour after I started it...but hubby didn't feel like going.....sometimes he is such an old man. It would have been a beautiful night to sit and watch the river while visiting.

I finally captured this butterfly in my backyard tonight. Here's an interesting tip I read in Real Simple this afternoon: to remove rust on your concrete patio from iron furniture mix up lemon kool aid and put it on the stain, the citric acid will dilute the stain. Repeat as needed.

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  1. I pray your friend makes a wise decision. I love old covered bridges and it looks like a wonderful place for a walk and a heart to heart talk.