Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Adventures in Goodwill

I agreed to pick up my nephew after work today, not a problem b/c I am only about 2 miles away and have only 1/2 hour to kill. But.......today I was done with work early. I decided to stop at Goodwill because I haven't been there for quite a while. I found some clearance clear rubber stamps for .19, they're small, about 1-1/2" square, but oh so cute. There were a ton of them but I only bought 2!
I've been on a quest for a purse organizer for my Marie Osmond bag that I'm taking on my Washington DC trip in the fall. I have a purse with pockets sewn all along the inside and I love it!!! Nothing gets lost, that is if I put it where it belongs. Yesterday I ordered a bag organizer from HSN. But.......I found one at Goodwill this afternoon. It's a beabi brand....from the Phillipines I think......never heard of it. It's new, has lots of pockets, and is large. I haven't tried it yet. If I like it better than the one from HSN I'll return that one. Ebay has on exactly like mine for $20, I paid $3.99 minus the 10% senior discount

Nice and big, lots of pockets, one big one (on the outside has a zipper). I'd prefer the center to be open though. Wish me luck.

I also found a cute pair of sandals. I usually don't wear flip flops (we called them thongs when I was young) but I wore them in the store and they were OK.

How could I forget to say that I won a door prize at the Stamp-a-long yesterday. The set is a hostess set: Occasional Quotes. Twelve very nice verses for the inside of my cards.

Now to answer some questions:
Victorine was unhappy and left her husband b/c he was cheating on her, not uncommon in that era (I guess).
The snowflake on the card posted this morning was deliberate, I thought that area needed something.


  1. Dang, I should have picked up Dan and gone to Goodwill. Then maybe I'd have a purse organizer. Where did you find it?

  2. cute shoes...and I would like to see a pic of that bag all loaded up before your trip!