Thursday, July 7, 2011

Returning to Normal...

..........whatever normal is........

Grandchildren are home with their parents, hubby and I are back at work, the kitchen floor has been scrubbed, laundry is being done, etc. Yes, life is returning to normal.

I had a really nice day today: I didn't want to get out of bed at 7am (I am still tired from the weekend with granddaughter M), I wanted to sleep all day...... I met a friend (at 9:30) and we went for a nice walk along Lake Michigan. She was a little late so I cleaned out my purse (been wanting to do this for a week) and folded the blankets that were left in my trunk from the July 4th fireworks. I was actually pleased that she was a few minutes late, I WANTED to clean out my purse. I always have 'stuff' in my car or purse to do if I have to wait (for someone, the bridge, or ?). How do you react/what do you do when you have 'time to kill'? I HATE to just sit; I prefer to read or do a crossword puzzle, or if I have my Nookcolor I can read or play a game.

The alewives were too stinky for us to walk on the beach so we walked on the Mariners trail.

There are a lot of lovely flower beds along the trail that volunteers plant and take care of. It was fun to look at the flowers and try to figure out what they were. Kathy knew a lot more about them than I did. We walked and talked for over an hour, it was really relaxing. Then we went to our usual coffee place for a cold drink and some homemade soup :-)

Before coming home I stopped at the thrift store and picked up a nice Green Bay Packers duffel for one of my grandsons. The rest of the day was spent straightening up at home. Since I am a homebody and introvert I am just fine with that! Back to work tomorrow.

I did celebrate National Chocolate Day by having some of my Dove chocolate/raspberry swirl candy bar (from my Red Hat secret sister) and a bowl of chocolate ice cream after 'supper'. :-) How did you celebrate it???


  1. You are the most social and outgoing introvert I know!

  2. Aargh, I did't realize it was national chocolate day. I've only had one piece!

    I'm trying to think what I do while waiting--pray or people watch, usually.