Friday, July 1, 2011

the Lull Before the Storm

OK, it's not really a lull nor will it be a storm. But here's the scoop: It's another long weekend for me....gotta love 'em! This morning (same as yesterday) I'm watching the birds at the feeder (except when the squirrel scampers over). It's sunny and warm, I'm happy. Yesterday I ran some errands, stopped at a couple of junk sales (yes, mostly just junk), dug some flowers out of my compost bin (that stayed alive over winter) and planted them, then I started to straightened up the the house.

Hubby is home today.................I really need him to put the window a/c unit in the bedroom and put the screens on........but I've mentioned it several times.......and nothing......he HATES it if I nag. I can possibly get the screens down from the attic in the garage and put them on, but the a/c? No way! It is suppose to be hot and I will need the a/c. I have a box to drop off at the thrift store (found unneeded stuff in the garage yesterday too) and I have to go grocery shopping, clean and put stuff away. Our (nearly) 3 year old granddaughter will be here for the weekend. I'm a bit apprehensive because she only sees us a couple times a year and never overnight. It's back to diapers, naps, and closely watching for the weekend. M never stops.......and I mean never. She's good and a expect to see photos...when I find the time. She'll be here Saturday afternoon until Tuesday morning.

Sunday we have a graduation party to attend. I was planning to take her to the Aquatic center with my grandsons..........until I remembered the party. No plans for Monday yet...park? Hubby will probably be golfing so I'll be on my own. I was really hoping my grandsons would be able to help with her....yes, they're 6 & 7 but they would really be a help...unfortunately they will be out of town. I'm not sure if we will go to the fireworks or not.......makes no difference to me. M really likes hubby so I hope he is here to help with her.

Tuesday night is our Red Hat night at one of the gals homes. I am co-hostess so have to make some food to bring and get other stuff ready. Hope the weather is nice because we have some fun things planned.

Happy Weekend to one and all!!!!!

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