Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Tuesday's Adventure

I woke up later than I wanted to....was this any indication of how my day would go?

My boss called 2 minutes after I woke up and it was 15 minutes after I was scheduled to start my work day and asked if I was coming in to work. I told him I had taken a day of vacation so he called in Lisa to work.

I was running late (to pick up my bff) so she walked over to my house.

While I was backing out of the driveway I kept hearing a funny noise. I had backed into our recycle bin and pushed it into the middle of our street.

When we were nearly at our destination I turned on to the off ramp too soon and a red "DO NOT ENTER" sign jumped out in front of the car. Thank goodness there were no cars approaching so I just made a quick U-turn and got back on the street.

We made it safely to Archiver's in Appleton and did some shopping.....not too much tho. As you know I mainly collect and don't use much. I did pick up some paper and stickers for the Washington DC scrapbook (that I'll make in fall).

Then we headed across the block to TGIF Fridays to have lunch with an old pen pal of mine....actually we use to be pen pals but haven't written in a LONG time. We have never met before. Colleen, her daughter, granddaughter and mother drove 10 hours from Ohio to visit a cousin who lives only an hour from me. We got along great and I'd like to take a road trip and visit her next fall??? or sometime. Lunch was nice because we had buy one, get one free coupons. (Wasn't it nice of TGIF Fridays to email us coupons just for this visit???)

After our long lunch bff & I headed to a new (to us) thrift store. (it was senior day, so we saved 10%) We didn't know where it was so were getting worried when Onstar was quiet for sooooooooo long...it was way on the other side of town. The prices were a little on the high side, shoes were arranged according to color, and the books were arranged alphabetically.........but backwards from Z......strange, very strange. It wasn't as nice as some of the thrift stores we are use to. I've been in some in the south, not my fave. Ours are really clean and neat, everything is arranged by size, Goodwill has big dressing rooms with benches, guess I'm spoiled. We also stopped at Savers. I had a punch card that was over 1/2 full and I knew I wouldn't be able to use it so I found a young woman with a lot of stuff in her cart and asked "do you think you are going to buy a lot of what is in your cart?" I am sure she thought I was nuts! Anyway I gave her my card, hoping that she'd be able to make use of it. These are just a few of the items I purchased. Neither one of us spend a lot of money, but we had a good day.

I wanted to post of picture of the 4 of us (Colleen, her daughter Deana, Deb, and I but I realized....I don't have the photo on my camera....so am at Deb's mercy for it.


  1. After a bad start to your day, sounds like you improved your karma by giving that card to your fellow shopper. How cool to meet up with a pen pal. I keep hoping one day I'll meet another blogger face to face.

  2. I love, love, love going to St. Vinney's and Fox Valley Thrift when we go to Oshkosh. And last weekend went to Habitat for Humanity's BIG sale at the Waushara County Fairgrounds. 2 huge buildings full of "stuff" I came away with a REALLY like new "Mr Coffee" plus a whiole bunch of other bargains...boxful for $10 and it went to a good cause.