Wednesday, July 13, 2011

I'm so cheap that...........

I cut the corn off the cob (from the other night) and froze it for use at a later date.

I save rain water in pails to water my plants with, I also use the water from the dehumidifier for watering.

I pour boiling water from cooking on weeks in the cracks of the sidewalk to kill them. If it's cold I'll water plants with them.

I pack a sandwich on days that I work and eat in my car while running errands.

I only read free ebooks on my ereader. Free and cheap books for ereaders are posted here often.

When a tube of hand cream appears to be empty I cut it in half and eke out lots more to use. I learned that from a waitress that I worked with in my much younger days.

I make my own postcards to send to my grandchildren and often use a photo of the child on it.

those are some of the things I do so save money, what are your ideas?


  1. I love your ideas! I use many of them, too.
    FYI... here's another great site for free ebooks. It's mostly Kindle books but a lot of them are free on Nook as well as other devices...

  2. I am impressed by your thriftiness with water. A couple of years ago we took a good hard look at many of our habits, but water use wasn't we we considered much.

  3. Damn, you are cheap!...LOL I do much of that, but not the water...good idea. I can't think of anything new to add.