Sunday, July 17, 2011

Red Faced!

Yes, I am literally red faced.........apparently my moisturizer and make up did not have sunscreen in it. I don't put sunscreen on my face because I count on my moisturizer to contain sunscreen...........but then I don't normally sit in the sun for 4 hours. Guess I'll slather on some cream tonight! I didn't do a very good job on my upper body either.....a few places are somewhat blotchy too. We had a warm weekend, but not as hot and humid as predicted. There was a nice breeze all day. My SIL and her son came along with me and my 2 grandsons to the beach today. Unfortunately there were still a few alewives floating in the water and once in a while you'd get an unpleasant whiff...but the beach was full and the boys had a great time! I figured the aquatic center would be packed and here there was more to in the waves, build sand with dead fish... (OK, I didn't let them do that).

There was a young family behind us and the dad dug out and built this castle, he had a bunch of kids helping him. The boys had a blast!

Last night grandson J and I went to 'Uncle Greg's'........he took the boys on their first canoe ride. The dad in the back was more scared than the boys. Next time I will bring my life vests for the boys.

Hubby was crabby b/c he golfed badly on Saturday so he didn't join any of the 'festivities'. I've learned that I can do a lot by myself...........remember I am very independent, a loner, and don't need someone to 'babysit' me. I had my grandson to keep me company.....not that I needed him either. We did enjoy the weekend.


  1. Nice pics. Moisturizer and makeup is not enough in the high sun and by the lake. You need to apply SPF frequently...get some specificially for your face.

  2. Looks like it was a lot of fun...but I understand that awful feeling of an unexpected sunburn!! Hope it heals quickly! I have become one that wears hats and does not want to expose my face at all...I guess I see too many wrinkles beginning to pop up!

  3. Linda--we need to get you a hat! One with a big brim to protect your shoulders too.

    Oh, that canoe ride will be momentous for those boys.