Saturday, September 24, 2011

What Makes Me Sad

I was just thinking about some things recently and they make me sad:

  • When family members steal money from young children

  • When grandparents live 1/2 way across the country and aren't able to watch their grands grow

  • Parents that don't realize that their children will grow up so FAST and don't put their interests on the back burner - it really doesn't take long and the children grow up and you can get back into doing 'your thing'. Children need to learn a sport, attend dance class, take tae kwon do, be a part of a scouting organization, join other words interact with peers outside of the classroom.

  • Sarcasm, I am so sick of hearing it, what is wrong with sincerity?

  • People who say their children have the right to decide if they want to go to church/Sunday School (learn about religion) - how can they choose something they don't even know about???

  • Husbands & wives who are not friends & don't enjoy each others company

  • When a person goes out on a limb to help someone improve their life and the recipient says (in essence) "not interested"

  • The fact that we have all these electronic devices to connect us with others and we spend so much time on them but don't have/make time to talk/interact face to face with people

  • It makes me sad to see/hear about so many kids that have ADHD and have to be on meds. I guess it helps and I will get use to the idea...but it's sad to see a personality disappear. Sometimes the disorder is outgrown, let's hope so

  • It's sad to see the older generation struggle with health and money issues. They have done so much for us (personally) and for our country

  • When children are told they have to keep a secret from a family member

  • Parents who don't read or stress the importance of reading to their children

  • When children don't have a childhood home to remember b/c they move every year or so

  • and does make me sad that hindsight is 20/20 and we can't see through the murky water when we are living in it. It's too bad all this so called knowledge comes to us when we are past raising our children.

No, I am not trying to preach or get onto my soapbox again..........just may think I do that too often.

By the time this posts I should be on my way to Washington DC. You can 'bet your boots' you'll hear about/see photos of the trip when I return (returning on Tuesday evening).


  1. When I was young I was let in on a few secrets that I was told to keep from other family members. It is too much of a burden to put on the back of a child. You sound a little blue, but thinking a lot is fine. Sometimes it helps a bit. I think your trip will chase away the blues :)

  2. Great list- I agree with almost every single one of those. I will say though that if a child's meds for ADHD changes their personality, they are on the wrong meds or too high a dosage. The meds are not suppose to change the personality at all. Only help focus. Our oldest and Hubs are both ADHD and their personalities remain unchanged on meds.

    Hope your trip to DC is a total blast! Wish I was going so I could visit with DD2!

  3. I so totally agree about the electronic gadgets. There's plenty to make us feel sad. How 'bout a list of the blessings?

  4. I totally agree with you. It's so sad when adults put their children on the back burner...