Sunday, September 18, 2011

Over Packing (as Usual) - Day 4

Where do the days go? Only 4 more days and I'll be on the bus. Since I'm working Tuesday & Wednesday and have a Red Hat meeting Tuesday night I pulled out my suitcase yesterday and started picking out clothes to take usual I have way too many things. I looked at the itinerary again and see that we will be on the bus for 3 full days, that means I don't need to be fashionable, just comfortable (and maybe not stinky? LOL). We'll only be in DC 2 days and will stop at Pittsburgh Monday on the way home. I do not need 6 different outfits! The denim capris I'm taking only need different tops to change out..............why, oh why, do I always take too many outfits? I'm kind of obsessive that way.....if I have one of something I think I need to have 100. I guess I like to keep my options open: in case I change my mind, depending on what the weather is, or for any other strange reason. I spent most of yesterday afternoon trying on clothes and matching outfits.....clothes laying all over my bed. I think tomorrow I will rethink & unpack. Does anyone else take way more clothing than they need? Or are you decisive and take only what you need? How do you pack? Does anyone have the 'clothes envelopes' for clothes? You put your clothes in and fold the 'bag' up so your clothes don't move around. I guess that is why they wrinkle. If you have tried something like that I'd like your opinion.

One day when grandson J was here he rushed out of the bathroom "The happiest day of my life!"....I'm wondering what happened in the bathroom that made him so happy. He noticed he had a 'wiggly tooth', his first one. Friday afternoon it fell out, he was so excited that he called me at work to tell me. Isn't it wonderful to be so excited about life's simple pleasures!!!! Wish we could all be more like that. J got a new laser gun yesterday and he slept with it all night.......such pretty lights and noise....that's why the gun is in the photo with him.


  1. lol I ALWAYS take far too many clothes, not heard of those envelopes, I always roll all my clothes, they dont seems to move around and wrinkle quite so much, love the little anecdotes re your grandson, they are so precious aren't they xxx

  2. Its so hard to pack correctly--I mean you just never know about the weather! Have fun though!

  3. I either pack too many or too few. But I have never, ever gotten it just right!