Thursday, September 29, 2011

Washington DC Monuments

I thought this photo of someone taking a photo of a father/son (I'd guess) in front of this monument was so touching. A bus load of veterans and their families were touring while we were there. This is on of my favorite photos of the Washington monument. You can see 2 colors of brick. After it was started they ran out of money and the Civil War interrupted the building...when they got back to it they could not find the same brick.

The Lincoln Memorial at dusk. I didn't get many photos there because my camera battery died. I was wandering around looking a different things, inside and out, when I realized that it was time to get back to the bus. I quickly walked back to the bus....only to find it wasn't there........what am I going to do? I could call my roommates and ask where they are....when I remembered we were to meet at the base of the I speed walked back to that area (almost dark by now). Alas, I was NOT the last one back. Many times I was.... I am not a 'hand holder' and often wander off alone to get a different view....I'm a big girl. I keep the group in sight and can walk fast to catch up so I don't worry. Several times the person in charge of our bus came to find me....I WAS on the way. Oh well, someone has to be last. ONCE I was the 3rd one on though!!!

I like this photo of the Washington Monument also.

View of it in the background of the WWII memorial. That was a beautiful sight.


  1. You know, I've never been to DC. I'd love to see the Lincoln memorial, but I think after the recent earthquake, I would keep a safe distance from the Washington memorial!

  2. October is the best time to visit DC...I remember how beautiful it is when the colors begin to change. I love the city!