Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Call Me Strange - day 8

Reality (along with autumn weather) is sinking in. I AM going to DC....what will the weather be like there? I'll check early next week and then finalize my packing. Monday was hot....mid 80's, yesterday it was 20 degrees cooler and today even a bit cooler, making a light jacket necessary. I hope the cool weather does not follow me to DC. You can call me strange if ya want, but before I go on vacation (or before a big event) I whiten my teeth. I drink LOTS of tea and that makes my naturally un-white teeth look worse. I usually use the Crest White strips but tried a gel this time...not so sure I like it....time will tell. I colored my hair tonight and will maybe put some low lights in this weekend. I don't like the one, solid color look.

Last night our book club discussed the book The Help. Everyone liked it. Most of us have always lived in WI and away from the colored issues during the 60's so we really didn't know much about how our parents felt about civil rights. I loved the book and recommend to everyone. We met at a sports bar/restaurant and I shared an order of Nachos with a friend....that 'hit the spot'....little did she know I had been hungry for Nachos. Our book club is always fun and sometimes we even talk about the book.

I could eat that plate of Nachos right now!!!

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  1. Haven't read the book yet-nor seen the movie. I like to read the books before seeing the movies- always. I just get so angry when I read books like this one. Prejudice is such a stupid and yet dangerous thing.