Monday, September 5, 2011

Making the Best of a Not so Nice Day

It's Labor Day Weekend, the last holiday weekend of summer....what did you do? What did I do?

The owner of Unique Flying Objects (kite store) in town puts on a huge 2 day kite fest - KITES OVER LAKE MICHIGAN - and I have gone for almost all of the 6 years...maybe even every one. People come from ALL OVER, it is a big deal! Hubby won't take me out of town to any fests so I can usually get him to go here. The past 2 years he has refused to go, he'd rather golf with the guys and then go home by his TV or football cards.........GRRR...?_&%$#%!

So my sister in law brought her son and I had my 2 grandsons and we went by ourselves. Saturday night they release several hundred sky lanterns over the lake, but this year it was too windy.

We brought our jackets and anticipation for good things. The thunderstorm on the radar screen went south of us but it was a little too windy, and a shower managed to show up later.

The did get the tesla demonstration in..............home made lightening. For a change we had front row seats. The bonfire was cancelled and sky lantern release was rescheduled for Sunday afternoon. We also watched the fireworks. Of course they did not compare to the Independence Day display, but hey, I love fireworks.

The weather was strange, sometimes sunny and warm then later dark clouds were overhead. My grandsons playing in the the end of the day all 3 boys were soaked. How can boys NOT play in the water. Being the 'always be prepared' grandma that I am I did bring extra clothes, and every single item was worn.

One of the bigger kites.

Everyone was taking this guys photo.

See the ship in the middle of the kites? There were several sail boats out and even one larger ship with kite flyer's aboard it.

Just as the fest was over it started to rain....and then the rainbow appeared.

The weather wasn't perfect, hubby wouldn't come along, the boys didn't always get along, but Michele and I did the best we could to enjoy the afternoon. An acquaintance of hers even gave us some food coupons and that helped cut down our food costs.

I don't think we are doing anything for Labor day.


  1. What an interesting day! Too bad the weather wasn't ideal but it looks like fun nonetheless. We are landlocked here in central Indiana, so fun outing like that for us.

  2. What a fun weekend! The weather in the midwest certainly took a turn. I love fall, just hate what's behind it!

  3. Sometimes I think it's a good thing that I don't have a golfing hubby and then, at other times...LOL He's more of a football widower than I am a football widow anyway.

    It looks like it was fun regardless of the weather!

  4. Oh, Linda, I love events like this and you are good grandma to make sure your grandsons get to experience things like this. Tesla coils always fascinate me.