Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Getting Closer - day 9

Slowly working my way down my 'to do' list. Last week I started taking Hoodia (500 mg per day) for more stamina/energy on my bus trip to Washington DC. What I found is that I don't sleep as good and am soooo tired during the day.....(see my post of a couple of days ago). I am a reasonably energetic person, especially if my back is OK, it's not really hot, and I get enough sleep. I checked online and called the health store/pharmacy that I purchased it from and was told 'yes, it could be the cause of my poor quality sleep', so I am not taking it anymore. I picked up some gum and snacks for the trip. I did some research online, looked at a book, and at the brochure and the decision has been made (I'm pretty sure) regarding whether I am going to the Holocaust Museum or the Smithsonian. Right now it looks like the Smithsonian/American History is my choice. I've read several books that have dealt with the Holocaust era and I don't think I need to see it, they were depressing enough.


  1. Think I will get my snacks on Sunday. No money right now. Then, start packing on Monday! Woo hoo!

  2. I need a good night's rest! that is first and foremost--

  3. My mom said the Holocaust Musesum was one of those places that would forever be in her mind. She said that it was so sad.