Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Washington DC Bus Trip

Wanna come along on my trip to DC on the bus?
Then read on.....If you're lucky enough to score a front seat this is your view. We changed seats every day so had a different perspective every day.

Most of the time the bus is pretty close to EVERYTHING, it's kinda neat to be able to look down onto the car and truck drivers. One of our gals noticed that 7 out of 10 drivers were on their cell phones. Tour bus drivers are special people, especially when driving in the big cities.

Cute house we saw on the way. There was a 'unique' antique store on the other side of the road.

Bathroom breaks are a very important part of the trip.

We are all in the same Red Hat group and on the same was fun to travel with friends. Since I am tall I very fortunate to be able to have a seat to myself for much of the time. I did a lot of reading..........I can read on the bus!!!!!

More DC photos in my next post..............this is just the beginning of the trip.....stay tuned.

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