Friday, September 30, 2011

Arlington National Cemetary - Washington DC Trip

The guards at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier change every 30 minutes and it's an honor to view it. The young men who guard the tomb are so precise in their movements, solemn, and proud. It was touching to watch the ceremonial changing of the guard.

There are white tombstones everywhere, it is a sobering view. The cemetery covers 624 acres.

The Lost Heroes quilt is inside. It's beautiful even before you know the significance. You'll see one face/name from each state.


  1. I didn't look at the quilt, but that is pretty neat too, especially close up.(I saw your pictures). I wasn't at the vantage point you were for the changing of the guard, very nice pic.

  2. Every time I visit a military cemetary I get goosebumps. It is the strangest reaction as we have no military veterans in my family...but it makes me realize just how much I owe to our soldiers.