Saturday, September 3, 2011

My Best Friends

A best friend is always there for you, doesn't make fun of you, is understanding, doesn't ask for anything in return, knows when to talk and when to listen............. Once again my best friends were here for me - my recliner and ice maker. I'm not exactly sure what happened but several days ago my knee started to bother me and it has only been getting worse. I think I have a torn meniscus. That happened to my other knee several years ago and now my 'good' knee is swollen and feeling the same. So once again, like many years ago with my back problems, I was up early and in the recliner with an ice bag. This HAS GOT to heal because on the 22nd I'm leaving for Washington DC.

OK, it's the first official day of Labor Day weekend and I woke up to rain (we can use it, but why this weekend?) There's a huge event at the beach all weekend - Kites Over Lake Michigan - and we take the kids every year. I hope to go to watch the sky lanterns release and fireworks tonight. Tomorrow we will go and fly/watch the kites. Hopefully I'll have some photos to post later.

This afternoon I am taking 2 of my grandsons to Barnes and Noble to get the free book they earned by reading. The only reason we are going so late is because one of the boys needed a nudge to get his books read. Reading is not done at their house........TV is. If only we can get to and from our destination w/o stopping at McDonald's. The book store is about 50 miles away.

Happy end of summer to you!!!


  1. Happy end of summer to you also. Hope your knee gets to feeling better soon, cause it sounds like you have a wonderful trip planned.

  2. Oh, so the ice pack and recliner are your bffs? Hmmmmmm. I hope both you and Connie are okay when we go to DC!