Friday, January 1, 2016

Christmas Eve

Yes, I know Christmas is long gone....but I am playing catch up again.
I like to attend Christmas eve service at our church and the 4 grandchildren that were here wanted to go along also. I think it's because we always hold candles and the lights go out as we sing the last hymn.....Silent Night.
I was a little concerned about the 5 year old, who is a bit rambunctious and has never been to church. No need to be, he was really good. 
Here they are posing for a before church know kids love the silly I'm posting this one instead of the nice one (for a change).

We usually open gifts Christmas day but the boys weren't going to be here so they opened their presents that night.
Jalen is getting into chess and really loves this Mario chess set. He thinks he's going to teach me to play.....I don't know if you can teach an old dog new tricks????

Landon saw all of my necklaces and wanted one so I gave him one of my old ones...he wore it all night, even to church. I wonder what mom thought when he got home. *smile*

I love hugging grands!
Dad and Skylar checking out one of the gifts.

Grandson J (10) finally told me he doesn't believe in Santa....I knew it but wasn't about to ask. Gosh, they grow up so fast.
We have one small extra bedroom with a day bed in it. If more than one child spends the night they have to sleep on the floor. If someone stays for more than one night I'll get the air mattress out. Mackenzie (7 and extremely outspoken) was NOT going to sleep on the floor...and neither was mom. Finally grandpa convinced her that it would be OK to sleep on the floor and not to have to go home.
Here's what I saw in the morning when I got up. I guess Mackenzie climbed into bed with mom early in the morning. If I wouldn't have so much junk stored under the bed I'd like to get a trundle bed.

Just visiting with Jessica.

Christmas day was quiet and lazy. Mackenzie's dad brought the Santa gifts from their house, she opened them, Kev made breakfast and did all the dishes. The ONE and ONLY time he does that.

 One of her presents was new roller blades. It was sunny and we didn't have any snow so she went out to try them.
The first time on roller blades is pretty scary.
Christmas was very nice.
I am behind already...our tree and all the decorations are still up. 
Tomorrow I am going to watch another grandson play basket ball and give that family their presents. 
I'm not sure when I'll get the tree down....but I will ...sooner or later.


  1. I like to stretch the holidays sometimes, and it seems everyone had a good time, so that is worth it.

  2. How wonderful your Christmas was - sharing with so many members of your family! I'm like you! Christmas will come down but not today and not all in one fell swoop either!!!

  3. Christmas goes until Epiphany! You aren't late yet. It really upsets me to see trees out on the curb the day after Christmas. Looks like you, and the kids, had a very nice Christmas. So happy for you and them.