Saturday, January 2, 2016

I Was Impressed

We went from fall to winter overnight, literally! Over 13" of snow fell last Monday night on what had been bare ground. Our first snowfall was a doozy. It was a wet, heavy snow. Thank goodness I don't have to do any snow clearing (not my job and per doctors orders).  We were lucky to have had power all through the storm. There was thunder and lightening to be seen and heard. Kevin was 2 hours late for work on Tuesday...a rare event. I had an appointment later that morning but cancelled it. 
Thursday morning I picked up our 3 grandsons and took them to their dad's so they could go sledding with him. I watched for a bit. It's so good to see them all having so much fun with dad. I know they'll go again.

The snow hills were busy. 
We watched one guy as he tried to take his dog down on the sled. Nope, the dog wouldn't stay on, but he sure had fun running alongside the sled. 
I had 2 returns to make and some errands to run while they were sledding. While I was in Shopko I remembered to finally ask about my glasses that I purchased last March. They are scratched and I inquired about any warranty; no warranty, scratches are considered normal wear and tear. BUT she said she'd replace my lenses (both are scratched - no wonder I am always adjusting them and trying to see).
Yup, I was impressed and pleasantly surprised. The worst she could have said was 'no' but instead I got a 'yes'.
I have my new, pretty, red computer. So far everything is working just great for me! The wireless printer likes this computer and I was able to back up my Silhouette (cutting tool for scrapbooking) library and download it.
The year is off to a good start. How's your's starting out?


  1. So far so good!! No snow here! But we aren't really surprised or expecting any! Rain maybe. Next week. I am trying my best to get down to our camper at my stepson's ranch before it starts!! After getting mudded in last spring, Louis Dean is NOT in favor of going down there when rain is in the forecast! I am writing this on MY new computer!!! I was dreading the learning of it but have been pleasantly surprised that Windows 10 and this new laptop are both user friendly!!! I have so enjoyed getting to know you and visit together over our blogs and Facebook this past year! You are a pretty amazing lady!!!

  2. Oh what fun, snow sledding! We don't have snow but it is a little colder and feels a bit like Winter:) Enjoy your day dear friend, HUGS!

  3. Wow, Linda , you did get winter. Looks like all the boys loved it. LOL So nice to get those scratched lens replaced. Hope you have a great day today. Blessings to all, xoxo,Susie

  4. Fun! You got snow. :-) We only got 4 inches from this storm system.
    I am so happy things are going well.
    Have a great week,