Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Doctor Week

Yes, especially as we get older, doctor time comes.....Just 2 years ago I was a once a year visitor. Suddenly it changed to almost every week I was seeing some sort of doctor. Now, some months I don't have any appointments (excluding the INR check for my blood thinner).
Thursday is my first mammogram since my breast cancer diagnosis. I am delighted that I do not have to go out of town for it, our local facility has the same machine that is used at St Luke's so my surgeon is OK with me staying here, just a few minutes away.
Monday I am traveling to Milwaukee to see the cardiologist and to have another ECHO. Early next month I have an appointment with my new primary Dr (actually she's a PA).
I am really not a worrier, but I'd have to lie if I said I am not experiencing a wee bit of trepidation regarding these upcoming appointments. IF there is something to worry about I'll handle it then. I don't see any sense (never did) in thinking 'what if?'
I am exercising and feeling great ...but.... lately there are times when I almost feel light headed, it's hard to explain but I know what those episodes feel like and have had them before. The last time I had an ECHO my ef (ejection factor) was down.....did it go down again? And what would  that mean?
After water aerobics yesterday and my usual Monday errands I'd love to stay in today.........but no.......I have to run to Manitowoc to get the painting supplies I forgot on my last trip. So, off I go!
Hope you are having a good week!!!


  1. Good Morning Linda, We have a snowy day here and I was out just long enough to go up the street to the grocery store. No body really enjoys going to doctor visits, but as we age we all have to do that. Take care. Hugs and Prayers from your Missouri Friend Shirley

  2. I sure hope your soul is flooded with "sweet relief" after all your appointments. You have a wonderful attitude which serves you well.
    Praying everything is stable.

  3. Linda, You are in my thoughts and prayers. You know we all want you to have good reports. Hugs and blessings to you, xoxo,Susie

  4. Always some stress with doctor appts...sending good thoughts and prayers your way!

  5. It's really hard not be a little nervous at doctor appointment. My blood pressure is always a little higher when I see that white coat.

    Praying all the new tests and mammogram are clear.

    Sending hugs

  6. I always have you in my heart, even though I don't always say it. You have a good attitude, exercise,eat right.....you deserve to enjoy your retirement fully.

  7. Keeping you in my thoughts and prayers that all of your medical tests come back totally fine.

  8. Best wishes for all your tests. You know I will be there in spirit since my body needs to be someplace else. Have a good trip and good tests!