Sunday, January 10, 2016

Stripping and Giving It Away For Free and Some Yukky Stuff

Remember I am a respectable grandma to 9!
One day I just woke up and decided to start stripping....wallpaper, that is. That was between Christmas and New Years day.....why would common sense stop me? I moved things around, and the big stuff got shoved into the center of the small room. Our Christmas tree was still up and all my other decorations were in place, but I started making a big mess anyway....hubby is still not pleased.
It's a small room and only 2 of the walls have wall paper, but it must have been put on when they built the house, because it was under the window casings and wall boards. Whomever papered that room did a good job! I've been watering it down and letting it soak (per Google) and I usually only get small pieces to come off, and only one layer at a time (2 layers to remove). Last Sunday Eastin and the boys came over and stripped quite a bit. This past week I took a break and put away Christmas stuff. I finished the last section this afternoon, now to patch holes, sand, prime, and paint. 

Skylar worked at it a LONG time.
His little brother, not so much. He found other things to get into.
As long as I have all the crap out from under the bed I am it away, some to friends, some to the thrift store. I can't wait to see how much more room I have. I'll have to tackle the closet too. 
I picked up the boys that morning while dad was still working. They decided to do some unusual smoothie challenges, like they've seen on You-tube. I wasn't too thrilled about them wasting good food, but I did let them do it. If they do it again I think I'll give them a list of things they can put in the challenge smoothies.
No one liked the first one.
The 2nd one was much contained milk, lemon, and lime juice, and Jalen was generous with the juices.
No, he is not just looking into the garbage can.
The other one is using the kitchen sink. TMI? Maybe, but that's what grandkids are for. :-)
It was quiet here this past weekend. Hubby had a bad headache and I attended a 1st birthday party for my great niece on saturday. Jalen was not allowed to come over this weekend so I had time to myself.
Sunday was just a lazy and quiet day. Kevin went to his brother's to play cards and watch the football game. I finished stripping wall paper, picked up most of the paper from the floor, and will take it easy for the rest of the evening.
I hope you had a nice weekend, stop back again!


  1. Grandchildren are so sweet but can cause a day to get mighty exciting,right! We love them and let them do things we didn't let their parent do.

  2. Oh I remember taking down wallpaper at my previous house, BIG JOB! I am cleaning out, getting rid of clutter and throwing/giving things away too! Enjoy your day dear friend, looks like lots of fun with the grands:) HUGS!

  3. LOL - my boys like to do food/drink challenges too. Jelly Belly makes a jelly bean challenge game with silly flavors. It is fun, I played it. You do not want to get Skunk Spray or Wet Wipes. ;-)

  4. Hahaha!!! You DO know how to show those grand kids a good time, don't you!!!

  5. At one time, we had wallpaper in every room! What a job to get rid of it, so glad it's gone! Hope you are finished soon!

  6. Boys! They're crazy and fun and dopey and fun and take risks they shouldn't and fun and life is better because of them.