Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Crazy Bark

We were surprised by a New Years Eve visit from grandson J. Mom hasn't been letting him come over like she used to, but when I got home from errands Thursday afternoon he was here! Grandpa picked him up. He's easy to have here because he likes to watch TV, go on the computer (he has hubby's old one), play a game or 2, scrapbook, or cook. He takes care of himself  most of the time. Thursday night he decided to make something....he felt like making Ree Drummond's Crazy Bark all by himself. Of course, first we had to hit the grocery store to pick up a few things.
Chopping up the chocolate before melting it. I never chop it in such  small  pieces...but he did. He watches cooking shows and says he learns a lot. He does. 

 He melted it in a double boiler and then lined a pan with graham crackers.
 I spread the melted chocolate on top of the crackers. 
He added plenty of toppings. You can use anything you like.
 He prefers white chocolate but the grocery store was out of it. I found a few squares left over from a different project so he drizzled that on top.
The finished bark before it goes in the fridge to cool.

The next day he broke it up and put in tins so he could take it to his dad's and share with the rest of his family.

I only had a small piece, but it was quite good!
I hope you didn't notice my messy, well lived in, house in the background. I AM starting to put away Christmas decorations.


  1. He is sure a cutie!!! I can see why you love him to come over!!
    Isn't EVERYONE'S house a little bit 'in transition' about now?? I know mine is!! I am leaving it in a little while to go to the country. I will deal with it when I get back!!

  2. Linda, Do not worry about any mess or what you think of as messy background....you were making memories with your grandson. Besides we who have grands know it only takes them about 5 minutes to rearrange our homes. LOL That young fellow may grow up to be a wonderful chef..or cake boss.:):) Tell him we all thought he did a swell job. Blessings to all, xoxo,Susie

  3. How wonderful you have this time with your grandson. I love watching cooking shows too, and they can teach you a lot.

    I remember when Nick and Jon were young and loved to come over and bakes cookies or cupcakes. You are a good granny.

  4. Cute photos :)
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    Maria V.

  5. I think he found his passion in life already!

  6. Mess? What mess? It is so refreshing to see a young person have an interest in something other than just computers or cell phones. I know he is a blessing.

  7. What a fun time! The bark looks yummy and it looks like your grandson had fun making it. So cool that he enjoys cooking shows. You may have a future chef in the family! Hope 2016 is treating you well so far!

  8. Love it that he loves to watch cooking shows! Talented young man. That recipe sounds like something my Grands would enjoy making. God Bless your day!