Monday, January 18, 2016

Been Doin' Some Readin'

As a member of the Lit Wits Between the Covers (book club) I read the chosen book and meet with other members about every 6 weeks. Sometimes we meet at at restaurant or sometimes at someone's home. I've always enjoyed reading and wanted to be a member of a book club as an adult. I was afraid of it because I thought you had to be an intellectual and be able to discuss the plot of the story, the conflict, or the protagonist. I read for pleasure. That's what I did this weekend, this quiet (unsure if it was a), rather boring weekend.
This afternoon I finished A MAN CALLED OVE and thoroughly enjoyed it! It evoked several different emotions and I'm sure we'll have some good discussion next week.

We're a fun lovin', down to earth group of women, with varied backgrounds, who love to read.  There is usually wine and always laughter involved. I have to admit that some of the gals take notes on the book. We read many different genres of books.
The month before we read THE PARIS WIFE, well most of the group did. I started it and just couldn't get into it. I remember trying to read it once before also.
Since we read about Ernest Hemingway we wanted to read something he wrote. That means we have 2 books this month, the second book being THE OLD MAN AND THE SEA. I'm glad I read it but am not interested in reading any of his other books.
What have you been reading?
Do you have any recommendations for our book club?

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  1. Linda, thanks for sharing this! I can't wait to check out the books you mentioned. I haven't heard of a man called Ove. It looks good!