Wednesday, January 13, 2016


Earlier this week I thought I'd have the day at home to accomplish some things....but I had to run (again), to get my scratched lenses replaced and have my INR checked for my blood thinner. I also had more donations to drop off. I only take what I can carry in one trip inside...lazy, you know??? I like to visit different thrift stores and share my 'gift's' with all of them. So I was off to another thrift store. 

Two ladies in the car next to mine got out of their car at the same time as I did, and they commented on the rattan suitcase I had in my hand. They wanted to buy it.....I almost gave it to them, but then I said $1 or $2. The one woman gave me $5 and said I made her day, she was really tickled. I found the exact same one for $15 on ebay. She got lucky because there was a smaller one inside of it. She got a deal and it is out of my house...a win win for both of us. Things have been sitting for years and if I haven't found a use for it by now I'm not going to.
I then took the bag I was carrying and inside and proceeded to look around. Besides the items I donated I also left some cash there. 
 One of the things I found was this book like thing....I don't know how else to explain it, but it really was just what I was looking for. The pockets/pages inside are small zip lock baggies (not the snack size you get at the grocery store) and are perfect for sorting and storing my bling. Now I do not have to dig around in a box and try to find matching sparkle. I can just page through my booklet. All like items are together and I have extra baggies for more colors, etc. When I travel I'll probably put a rubber band or ribbon around it so it doesn't flop around, it depends where it will fit in my tote. How cool is that?

I also picked up some solid scrapbooking papers...............they had TONS of patterned papers there. I received some gorgeous Tim Holtz paper for Christmas and have other patterned paper so only need some solids to compliment that.
I found a 2 piece swim suit (long top, no bikini) for the Y, hope it works....I did not try it on. I am not going to wear a good suit to the Y and a 2 piece is good for bathroom breaks, right?
I also found a lime green pillow for the bedroom I'm painting. I found way too much stuff that day! At least I still got rid of more than I dropped off.
Time to look for more items to donate, right? It feels good to free myself of 'stuff'!


  1. I've been purging too and I am planning to continue until I get rid of a LOT more junk. The little baggie book you found is really neat! Have a great rest of the week!

  2. Linda, A lot of times when I am junking, I am looking for something to store stuff in. LOL...then you forget you have it...LOL. I just need to word for this year. I am working on that. Glad you found things that will work for you. Blessings, xoxo,Susie

  3. I enjoy going to thrift stores too, and honestly havent bought clothes from big name stores in ages. You got some good 'finds' too! Make the trip worth while.

  4. I feel that way, too......sometimes!!

  5. I would take the suitcase too!! I love it.
    I also donate to different places as well. I take turns with each of the stores.
    I always like seeing what you always do so well.

  6. I am attempting to organize better and hoping to rid our home of more each day this year.