Sunday, January 31, 2016

My First Cancerversary and Other 'News'

What in the heck is a cancerversary? Is it something to celebrate? I believe it it something to celebrate. It can be a bit hard to determine the exact date. I chose the date of my final surgery; chemo was over and the tumor was out of my body.
The original surgery was the 28th, but I developed a hematoma and the doctor wanted to take care of that. I agreed, after all she is the surgeon and has more knowledge than I do. It turned out that the first surgery did not produce clear margins so the 2nd one, (on Jan 31) was indeed, necessary.

I posted earlier this month that my first mammogram since the surgery was good.
Am I cancer free? I am not sure if I like that choice of a person who has ever had cancer free of it? I think the fear of it returning is always in the back of a person's mind.

Yesterday I primed the bedroom that I am working in. When I removed the wall paper some of the paper backing came off from the drywall, leaving yellow splotches, so I covered that with primer. I hope it looks better when I get the paint on the walls. Just that small job on 2 walls tuckered me out. I plan to do the ceiling next (white) and then the light gray walls. The way I felt today I might be doing one wall at a time, which is fine with me because I have furniture in there and will have to move it to get at the different walls....the ceiling should be fun (not).
First I have to buy the paint, maybe Monday. A big snowstorm for overnight Tuesday into Wednesday is predicted for this we shall see. Hubby is taking that prediction seriously because he finally went to get a new belt for the snow blower saturday....nothing like putting it off for 3 weeks.

I'm sure, if you're a Christian, there are things that you know you can not do anything about, all you can do is to hand it over to God. It hurts me to see my grandson be so sad (and to see my step son so miserable) his parents (who are separated) just keep digging their holes deeper and deeper. They have 3 boys who are so loving and smart and deserve so much better than the lives they have. Yesterday when I talked to them I asked if anyone wanted to go to Sunday school. The 2 younger boys want to attend Sunday School so I will try to talk to mom and see if I can take them next weekend. The struggle is that she doesn't answer my texts or phone calls....she might listen to a message and have one of the boys call me back. After I said I'd try to ask her the 5 year old says "Mom won't talk to you." and with that thought I say.....

Calgon take me away!


  1. It must be so sad to see all that turmoil going on in your family. I hope you will be allowed to take the boys next weekend to Sunday School. I rejoice with you for your first cancerversary. You are a brave lady. Good luck on the walls. I think doing one wall at a time is a very good plan. Have a blessed day.

  2. Are any of us free from Cancer? It seems not, these days. I am so glad to celebrate your year with you! Let's be happy for each milestone. My heart goes out for the boys (the true victims in this mess) and E as well. E needs God's guidance terribly, but I can only pray that he will reach out to Him.

  3. Linda, The saddest thing of all if a parent who isn't taking the kids into consideration. All the dang drama...who needs it...the kids suffer for it. Every chance you get be sure to tell those boys, they are loved...loved by many. Growing up ,I had a a guardian angel...she took me to church, I got baptized, went to church camp....forever and always I will love that lady and never forget her kindness to me and my family. God bless you Linda.. xoxo,Susie
    p.s. I am glad you are doing well. Yes, that cancer is daughter just tried to stop one of her meds..but the cancer dr. said to take it another five years.

  4. Happy Cancerversary! Every day having cancer kept at bay is a day to celebrate.
    I'm so sorry to hear that troubles within your family continues.

  5. Hello,
    I am so happy for your Cancerversary. :-))
    I will be praying for the situation with the boys. That is so hard for you. I know they see and feel the LOVE you show them.

  6. I.Am.So.Happy.For.You
    This anniversary is BIG!!
    You have come so far - you are a SURVIVOR!!
    Dwell on that thought and let it soak in.