Saturday, March 2, 2013

Recurring Dreams

Do you dream? I do, and it seems like lately I have the same one quite often. Early in the morning is when I have my best dreams....or that is when I remember them because it happens right before I wake up. Many times I know why I dreamt about a certain thing....the other day I dreamt that my hair was very long - probably because not too long ago I found a photo of me with long hair and also because I want to let it grow a bit and get a GOOD haircut. Yes, sometimes I dream about something that is on my mind. One night I dreamt about spirits contacting me, 'they' were trying to smother me (actually my pillow was on top of my face) and I shouted out to leave me alone and asked Jesus to help me.  The Bible says no one who's passed can contact us, but yet it seems that some people can be contacted. Since my mother's passing I've been thinking about it, so am sure that is what brought that on.
What I am dreaming about most often now is going to school, I think it's high school and I need to graduate so I can go on to college. In one dream I wanted to buy a car and move into my own apartment. In my dreams I don't go to classes, don't remember where to go, I just have no ambition. I try to get the office to tell me my locker number and to change classes.

What does this mean? As I was 'googling' to see if recurring dreams was correct I came across Dr Oz's page and it seems like he did a program about that very subject and going back to school is one of the 5 most common recurring dreams. This is what Dr Oz says:
The Lesson: There is probably some unpreparedness, uncertainty or even vulnerability with your job or career that needs to be addressed. There is a lesson to be learned here, so sit up straight and pay attention! Your dreaming mind is placing you back in school because it really wants you to succeed in real life.
I am really not sure if I can relate that to my job....I want to retire in 2 years. Maybe I shouldn't??? I need to! I want to! I will!

I haven't dreamt this in a while, but often I'd dream that I was spitting out my teeth. Here's what Dr Oz says about that:
The Lesson: Your dreams are trying to show you that you must be careful about what comes out of your mouth because once it is out, like a tooth, you can’t put it back in. Paying attention to your teeth dreams helps you to monitor and improve the way you communicate.

That could be very appropriate! I sometimes try to be funny but it doesn't sound funny to the other person. Sometimes I think I need to be more like my hubby and say nothing.

Your dreams?
Your thoughts?


  1. Your reoccurring dreams are much nicer than mine. I used to dream that my front teeth would tear like paper when I pulled on them. My high school dream was of a well inside the school at the entrance. Something evil lived in it and that's all I can remember anymore about that one. I used to dream it quite a bit. Pretty crazy!

  2. Oh, Linda,
    I just read about your beloved Mom passing on and I'm SO very Sorry and you have my deepest Sympathy...
    I have dreams each and every night! Lots of them!! My mind doesn't stop thinking! I have dreams too about teeth, mine are falling out, I dream that I didn't graduated from high school and now dreaming about daughter's wedding..
    You take care!

  3. to sleep perchance to dream........ fascinating stuff!!