Monday, March 4, 2013


Yes, I've been reading...back into it :-) Mostly I read at night, before I go to sleep. But sometimes I read for 20 minutes while my grandson does his reading for school. Yesterday he told me he's "kinda getting into books" - I'm thrilled!!! Before he went home last night he told me to turn off the TV and he was going to read, he suggested that I get my book and read too (which I did). He's a very good reader and reads many different things. I recently bought a place mat with all the presidents on it. He's been reading and discussing that. I encourage any kind of reading, it all counts in my book.

I posted my Friday 56 regarding the Chaperone by Laura Moriarty earlier this year. I really enjoyed the book. It takes place in 1922 when a young housewife agrees to chaperone a rebellious teenager to New York for dance school. They develop a relationship, although unlikely. Cora, the chaperone, is searching for her birth parents; Louise, the teenager, is struggling with growing up and being her own person in that very strict time frame; and Louise's mother just doesn't seem to be cut out to be a mother. Louise becomes a movie star and Cora finds love. I found it to be a very interesting book as I read about the changing times and the intertwined lives.

I entered a drawing and won the book TANGLED ASHES by Michele Phoenix. I was in between book club books so decided to read it. I loved it! While the contractor is in France to renovate the castle he uncovers several mysteries..... about himself and WWII. There's mystery, a love interest, and some unexpected things. I'm glad I won and it and read it. Read it if you have the chance to. It is available for ereaders on Overdrive.

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