Monday, March 25, 2013

Playing On Monday

I'm suppose to be cleaning my house, but my grandson asked if he could stay over on Sunday night again. They are on spring break...I said yes. I was really hoping to accomplish something today... ......About the only thing I did that I'd say was to my benefit was to stay out of the thrift store. 

While J was napping (his meds make him sleepy) I finished the 2 little books for my granddaughters.The directions for making it from a 12 x 12 sheet of paper are in a previous post. 

Most of the pages are blank so they can add what they want.

J wanted to make a 'man cave'.....guess who made it?

Napping in the 'man cave' - in the morning and after lunch. He's easy to watch....

.....except on saturday night when he was NOT tired and was up until almost 2AM.


  1. The books are sweet. Very clever idea. I think it must be great fun having grand kids to spoil.

  2. I like the little books. I remember making caves with my sister. Took all the blankets off of the beds but made it in the bedroom!