Monday, March 18, 2013

Reminiscing About The Weekend

Even though our winter weekends are essentially boring, I look forward to them, especially when it's a 4 day weekend. One of the highlights of the weekend (for me) is having our 7 year old grandson stay overnight on saturday. Sometimes we go on a field trip, or perform experiments, watch movies, play board games; usually whatever he wants to do. It gives him a break from his hectic home life and helps me be a kid again.

This past weekend I was, once again, organizing & cleaning my basement craft area on saturday afternoon. I did make progress....but........I found a bag of items that I had saved for my St Louis scrapbook (that I just finished-or so I thought). Guess I'll undo the book and add more pages...again. It's such a pain tho. Oh well, it must be done.

The good news is that the 'cable guy' came and picked up an old TV that we had just sitting around. A local sports bar has 42, yes 42, of that same brand of TVs. As long as they have so many TVs they see no need to update to the new flat screens. That saved us the $ to get rid of it and gave them something they could use. I love that-recycling. I once knew a woman who said she'd rather destroy an item than give it to someone. Boy, that rubs me the wrong way!!!

About 12:30 AM on Sunday morning my grandson woke up with an earache. I could tell he was really hurting. He didn't like the heating pad or a warm washcloth. I wanted to try some warm oil but hubby shot that idea down. That is what my mom did and I did for my kids. When I 'googled' earache remedies that was still suggested. Hubby doesn't believe in home remedies so when grandson J heard grandpa say  'who knows what trouble that could cause' J jumped on the bandwagon with grandpa. I called J's dad and he convinced J to take some meds for the pain. Then I asked hubby to drive 15 minutes to get ear drops at Walmart but he wanted to take J to ER. After many attempts to call the parents we finally got them. Hubby took him to ER and mom met them there. The DR didn't find anything and by the time they returned home, about 3 AM, the ear was OK and we all slept (happily ever after).

Sunday afternoon I piked up J's brother and took the boys to their cousins birthday party, when it was over they went over to Nathan's house to play for a bit. When I picked the boys up to take them home J wasn't feeling well and he fell asleep in the car during the 10 minute ride to his house. When he got home, at 6:15, he went right to bed.

After that I met 2 friends at a restaurant for the traditional St Patrick's corned beef and cabbage dinner. It was delicious. I remember going there last is that becoming a tradition???

That was my weekend. Was yours better?

Today I'm off to the dentist.  I also have to make a decision as to whether I want to join the rest of the world and update my prepaid cell phone to one with a keyboard so I can text. What's the problem you ask? I call an additional $150 the problem......... It's still much cheaper than having a contracted phone, that would NOT be cost effective for me at all!

Have a great week!

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  1. Texting is way cheaper than calling if you are on a prepaid phone.(unless you had unlimited texting,like I do now)