Thursday, March 14, 2013

Thoughts on Thursday

Whoa!!!! The thoughts in my head are scurrying around at warp speed....good, bad, and some ugly...... and I couldn't get online this morning to write them down.

  • Hubby got a promotion (I think) and a much needed raise. Several years ago he quit his job b/c he was so depressed and he had to take a pay cut when his current employer hired him. He likes this job and they like him. He is now the 'official trainer' for new employees, shift leader, and he sometimes travels for the company. He does NOT want to be a supervisor and have a cell phone and be available 24/7. He doesn't even own a cell phone.
  • I think it's truly disgusting when a 55 year old man blames me for his problems (many, many people have told him I had nothing to do with it).  He called our house for the 1st time in over a year and when I answered the phone he whispered a profanity to me and then hung up. Grow up Keith! I think he had 2 options if he didn't want to talk to me: 1) hang up or 2) just ask for hubby. It didn't make me angry, I was just aghast when I heard him. I don't think hubby was too pleased either. He is putting my husband in a hard place and continuing to make his own life sadder than what it already is. 
  • I started a yoga class this week, I enjoyed it. I have always wanted to do it....but..... It's something I can easily do at home or nearly anyplace. The only thing I don't like is having to do something at specific time on a certain day.
  • Today I was planning to stay home and tackle some of my numerous messes and 1/2 finished projects....but instead I am off to 'book munchers' with my grandsons at their school. Yesterday morning grandson J called me when I was on my way to work and asked if I could come and have lunch today and listen to them read. Of course I said 'Yes.'
Thanks for visiting.............the weekend is almost here!

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