Monday, March 11, 2013

Funny Photos/A Monday Morning Smile

Remember taking photos and looking at them after you got them back from where ever you had your film developed and saying "Oh no, that's a terrible picture!" ....aka - there's a tree sticking out of someone's head or eyes are closed? We thought it was such a waste of film.

Now, with digital cameras, we can look at the photo, delete, and retake it immediately. Or, if you are like me, you just snap away or even let the grandkids snap away and don't worry about the amount or quality of photos taken (until you download them).

Last summer my 7 year old grandson wanted to take a photo of me on our way out of the aquatic center. I adopted a silly pose for him, he told me to back up and move's what happened! We had a good laugh over it, he knew exactly what he was doing......I'm a bug!

 On my granddaughter's visit I snapped this picture while she was in a jumping house. She's the little one the pink sweater. I couldn't have planned a trick shot better in a million years. It looks as if the older girl in front is holding down T.

In this photo of me taking a photo my friend captured a shot of what looks like me perched on the stair railing. NO!  I am not sitting on it, it's kinda funny though (don't ya think?).

Happy Monday and happy daylight savings time (to those affected)!

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  1. These are great! I do like the bug picture!! lol!