Friday, March 8, 2013

More Thrift Store Finds, Busy Week, and Lots of Eating

 Yes, I did a lot of eating with friends this week. Monday morning I met a good friend for a hot drink and early lunch. We met at a local coffee haus/bistro. I loved the atmosphere, but the drinks and food was a bit pricey.

Tuesday night was our Red Hat club meeting....more food.....speedy, pleasant service... and lots of talking.

Thursday morning I went to help a friend tackle her craft room mess. Mine never gets cleaned up; just when I get close I'll get a fantastic idea...and I'm off to another task. That night was my book club meeting.....out to eat again. We had a hard time discussing the book because it was acoustic night and it was too loud to talk. 

This morning I met another friend for breakfast and a lot of catching up. Of course, I had to stop at the thrift store and here are a couple of my finds:

This cute little sewing needle kit, I bought it because I love the picture. It still contains quite a few of the needles but the most important part, the needle threader, is missing. I'm sure it was under $1.

I also found this Tastefully Simple rolling tote. No, I'm not selling Tastefully Simple, but it's a great, sturdy tote. It won't fit 12 X 12 supplies, but it has 3 re-positional  shelves (1 is not in this photo), a telescoping handle, and I can use it for other scrapbooking items when I go to retreats. It's in excellent condition. The shelves have Velcro and they are hard to move. In fact one of the volunteers in the store came over to me as I was trying to get one was so noisy as I was pulling and pulling. My big tote that holds my 12 X 12 scrapbook as papers is sitting next to it, so with these 2 I should be able to bring every thing I need. I almost was $5. I bet they sell for a lot more in ebay....I'm just sayin'. I picked up some other small things too, but these were my favorites!

Back to eating...........the Girl Scout cookies are here. And I've taste tested a LOT of them. The packages are smaller than ever and I believe the quality is down too. Do ya think that will stop me from eating them? No way!

Have a great weekend!!!


  1. What a steal of a deal on that awesome tote! I've been eating too many goodies as well.....I do love GS Cookies! The Samoa's and Thin Mints are my faves..:)

    Blessings, Vicky
    Life On Willie Mae Lane

  2. So glad you found that tote. I am sure you will fit alot of other things in there, and then you can be easier on your poor other one which has been overloaded and burdended with a bad foot.