Thursday, March 21, 2013

Thoughts on Thursday

  • The calender says it's spring...........but it certainly doesn't look or feel like it. I am still wearing turtlenecks and heavy sweaters and the ground is covered with at least a foot of snow. This year we had the coldest first day of spring in nearly 30 years.....and last year high temperature records were set. Yesterday when I got up it was 11 with a wind chill of -5. That is terribly wrong! I am so ready for winter to be over!  I am tired of shoes, sweaters, jackets, and ice. The only drawback I can think of is having to shave my legs every day....but I can live with that!
  • There certainly is a lot of trash on TV lately....agree? I've seen a lot of gypsy programs. Real gypsies are rather intriguing....but the Gypsy Sisters (or whatever it is called) is just plain trashy. I admit it, I got sucked into it one night and watched several young women traveling in a limo, one gal was quite tipsy and belligerent. She started taking off her clothes and hung out of the window or sunroof (or both). The driver finally pulled over and made everyone get out and obtain a different form of transportation. If there's one gypsy show, everyone gets on board and there are 12 more...........who thinks of this stuff? I have seen bits and pieces of the wedding shows too, but nothing stuck in my mind like the limo scene. 
  • Then there are the Amish programs. The Amish have interested me too,  and I am sure there are rebels and those who 'run' the community......I'm not sure about the Amish Mafia though. Breaking Amish ..... once the young people have been 'in the world' would they be able to go back to their family and their Amish ways?
  • yup! once the TV producers find some sensationalism and trash that gets ratings (?) they look for 6 more like it! Oh, oh, I'm're wondering why I know about the programs I call trash? Sometimes I channel surf and get caught up and watch it...just like a train wreck & I can't change the channel until a commercial comes on. Thank God for commercials!
  • I have a short attention span and the programs I like now are the true crime ones: The First 48  is one I watch frequently, Snapped is another. The truth is often stranger than fiction. Sometimes I'm lazy and have the TV on while I'm trying to do something at home or other times the TV stays off until I go to bed. 
What is your favorite trashy TV program?

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