Monday, January 27, 2014

OK, I'm Sooo Done With January!

I'm trying something new this year - a Project Life life type of scrapbook page for every month, containing the highlights of the month.
January's page is complete, so nothing exciting better happen until February.
It's so very cold again this last week of the month. 
The schools on the lakeshore are not closed, but many in the more northern part of the state are.

 The Project Life or Snap scrapbook pages are suppose to be very simple and quick.
You stick a photo, some journaling, or decorative card into a pocket and that's it. The pockets are 4" X 6" and 3" X 4". You can't really tell, but the snow flakes are on a clear sheet and they are punched out of the metal seals from SlimFast. 

Wish me perseverance in completing the whole year!


  1. Our schools are closed tomorrow here! UGH- I am so sick of this weather. Good for your for working on your scrapbooking. xo Diana

  2. Don't forget to mention the propane shortage too! This will be a nice historical reference for your grands.

  3. What a wonderful idea! You will keep it up. It will be an awesome treasure.