Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Monday's Adventures

Hubby left EARLY for his work trip, and I got up at 4:30 to say good-bye to him. Some people might go back to bed but it's my day off and I like having a long day! Of course I fooled around on the computer for a couple of hours and  took a couple of  phone calls. I had plans with a friend to come over and put up a shelf in my laundry room, so I got things ready in there and the next thing I knew Kathy was at my door.
Before we got 'down to business' she had a  project to show me, we read parts of a Bible study, and we talked about the new job she's starting soon (at 56). She'll be working in an assisted living residence....but doesn't like old people. one thing led to another.......and ......I had the scrapbook I am working on for my mom on the table and we ended up looking at it. As Kathy read, aloud, the touching narrative written by my daughter and read at the 'funeral', I just bawled....hearing all the wonderful memories my daughter shared. 

Eventually we tackled the first project: tightening up my kitchen faucet. I tossed everything out from under my sink, willy-nilly. Do you have as much crap beneath your sink as I do???
Kathy wriggled her way under the sink and exclaimed that she'd never seen a faucet connection like the one we have...oh oh......
We're scurrying around looking for an adjustable wrench. I'm checking in the garage, where oh where does hubby keep his wrenches? Eventually we find something she can use to tighten the small nut that was very loose. We did have a laugh about the tight space she squeezed into and out of.

On to project #2: putting up a shelf in the laundry room. I have the shelf, she has the drill (I lent mine to my sister in law), and  I have the bolts needed to hang said shelf. We gathered the level and looked for a stud finder and the right drill bit........I can't find either one......not again.
We didn't have any other choice than to go to the local hardware store to get a drill bit. Kathy finds a guy to help us, she asks for something cheaper than $12 bit he gave us....he says there's a cement bit for $6. I purchase it....as she's talking to the man who checks us out she asks if there isn't a cheaper bit....off they go and come back with one for $3.29 and I buy that one instead. 
She came over at 10,  and it is now noon. I get the washer moved out of the way and we determine where the shelf should go, she marks the wall, draws a level line, and we are ready to go....right???? I was back in the garage looking for a small drill bit...and I find......a whole container of bits...........including the exact size I purchased earlier. Oh well.
Kathy gets the first bracket up.....it sure looked funny.......it's upside down. Off it comes, leaving a big hole. in the wall, no problem that gets covered up when she puts it up the right way. At last the shelf is up....but it's crooked.....she adjusts the placement of the bolts and it's much better, even though the shelf is a bit bowed in the center.  I did get the laundry room back together and put laundry supplies on the shelf. But....now remember I originally wanted it much lower and I should have bought the longer shelf and cut it down. I could add the longer shelf below the one we put up.
That room will be one of the first rooms I paint later this year so it's still a work in progress....at least it's started.

It was early afternoon and I still had to do some grocery shopping. I got that horrible chore over and made a quick stop at the thrift store. As I'm putting my groceries away my bff calls to ask if I want to come over for dinner. She was making a recipe I wanted to try so I said 'yes'.
Before dinner she and her hubby picked me up and gave me a ride so I could pick up hubby's truck  from work and bring it home. That was easier said than done, we had a heck of a time finding the right parking lot. The place where hubby works has several old, big, buildings and a maze of  driveways, roads, whatever you want to call them. The good news is that I had forgotten that the truck has an automatic transmission, not a standard. 

I had a nice quick dinner at Debbie  &  Jim's. She tried a new recipe that was floating around facebook, it was good, not great.  After I came home I decided take it easy....tomorrow is another day, right??? Let's hope it is not as 'adventurous' as Monday.

 I did get an email from Kevin on Monday night saying that he'd be flying out to Lagos at 9:15 (15 hour flight). Now just to wait and see.
Please keep him in your prayers, he's not in the most pleasant place to be.
Let's hope the rest of the week is not quite so adventurous. 


  1. I will keep Kevin in my prayers.

  2. You had quite the eventful day! Will pray for your hubby...:)

    Blessings, Vicky