Sunday, January 19, 2014

Mini Scrapbooking Getaway

Friday, after work, I met some friends at the Holiday Inn for a scrapbook retreat. I dropped my things off on my lunch hour so when I arrived after work we checked into our room and then Carolee and I decided to get something to eat at the new Panda Express just across the street. I seldom get to eat Chinese so it was a treat.........we both came away with too full tummys. 
This is the lobby of the hotel and it was chilly!! See those big windows covered with snow???

 Here's a prettier view. 
This location is redecorating and had a 'rummage' sale in one of the conference rooms. Some of the gals bought chairs, sleeper sofas (hide a beds), end tables, tongue & groove flooring, lamps, irons, luggage racks. We saw new sets of pots and pans, clothes, hangers, pillows, towels, all kinds of stuff. 
Friday night I didn't feel like going in the pool so just worked on the scrapbook for my mom. Of course I went to bed later than usual. We had an inside room, no window for the outside, so there was no way of seeing what the weather was like outside. I slept pretty good and knew my friend was a later sleeper and figured I'd wake up about my usual time. It was pitch black in our room and suddenly I was woken up by my phone ringing. I wasn't sure what was going on......I was sleeping good, I do my best sleeping in the morning....and apparently saturday morning at 9AM was prime sleeping time. 
Much to my surprise Carolee was up and dressed and I never heard a thing when she was getting dressed.
I hopped in the shower, got dressed, and then we walked across the parking lot to Perkins for breakfast. I love going out for breakfast. Yes, I did work on my scrapbook all day and got a lot done.
Grandson J stays overnight on saturday and wanted to come to the hotel with me....why???
I picked him up at 5 and he wasn't bad, except when he was watching something on my computer and wouldn't turn the volume down. I parked him outside of our door and a few minutes later some one walked by and told him he had to turn it down, he did. It might have been the gal who was running the retreat, I'm glad he knows to listen to those in authority!
About 9 I was getting tired packed up and came home. The out of town gals were staying another night and I could have come back today. IF I go next year I can have 2 full days. 
Scrapbook retreats are always fun, with plenty of laughter and snacks.

Today hubby took grandson J and I to DQ for lunch, J loves DQ. I'm not sure if it was the popcorn shrimp and fries I had or just the bug that is going around but I just did not feel good this afternoon. I laid down for a couple of hours and haven't eaten anything....I think I feel better now.
Lots  going on this week.
Hope you have a good week!
Thanks for stopping by!!!

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