Friday, January 31, 2014


Today I had some good news and some not so good news.
This morning one of the owners of the company I work for told me that he had someone coming in Monday morning to learn Lisa's job. I really hope this person works out, it sounds like she has knowledge of some of situations she'll be dealing with. That also means I shouldn't have to work as much as I did when our long time accounts payable person retired....and there won't be a problem with the day of vacation I've scheduled for the end of February.
I also found out that a gal will be job shadowing me on Tuesday. One day won't be enough to get the whole idea of the job, but hopefully she'll have a good idea of what is required. The bad thing about that is it will slow me down....and when I have a 2 day work week I don't always have time for 'extra-circular' activities.
Let's hope these 2 women work out!

I got another call from hubby today telling me not to use our credit card, because there was a question with one of the charges. now we're getting new cards. Hubby is pretty sure he knows about the charge in question (nothing sinister). Well, that's not really bad news, just a little curve ball in my game. I'm glad he warned's so embarrassing to be told your credit card is denied...when you are sure your credit is good. The first time someone got our number and was charging at a Target in another state. The 2nd time was when he was in Thailand and the hotel tried to run a 2nd round (of expensive) drinks on his card.

Hopefully I'll get more organizing done this weekend!
What are your plans?
Oh, probably watching the Super Bowl.....not me....hubby is gone so it won't even be on.
What ever you're doing - have fun!!

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  1. Hope there are no other charges on your credit card and that it is closed. Glad to hear they are getting someone at work. Don't worry about the job shadower, if she doesn't like the pace, then she won't work out.