Monday, February 3, 2014

It's Me, The Queen of Unfinished Projects

.....and it couldn't be more fitting that I am married to the King of Unfinished Projects. I thought once we were married that would didn't. I really don't know if I was always like this or it came with marriage or age????
  • I have many unfinished scrapbooks. Back in the day I always put my photos in albums right away, really I did!!!
  • Our extra bedroom got 'new' furniture but never a new paint job.
  • I started an ABC book for my grandson (who will be 14 this spring) and it never quite got finished. 
  • I shoveled part of our sidewalk & driveway yesterday and the neighbor finished  it today. 
  • I started a new planner for myself last I'm not sure if I like it and there's still a pile of papers and supplies next to my chair (where I was working on it).
  • Now I'm organizing the basement craft supplies. Will that get finished? 
Granted, some of the painting projects I have planned, need to be done outside. I should have more time this summer. I've been going through my scrapbooking stuff this weekend, in fact grandson J helped me sort out memorabilia yesterday.....another unfinished project. I uncovered a huge addiction to magazines....the thrift stores are going to be inundated with crafting magazines. There's also a box of negatives that I want to toss, but the consensus on facebook is to scan them (or make a lampshade). I just love looking at the empty shelf and wondering what I should put on it!!! MAYBE I'll have a garage sale and get rid of some unused items I have packed up to sell. No matter what happens there WILL be more room in our sure would be nice if hubby would get rid of the bar (that we never use), but he built it and likes it. 

Saturday a friend and I went out for lunch at a Mexican place and exchanged Christmas gifts....yes, it's been that long since we've seen each other. I don't know what she was thinking but when we pulled into the parking lot she turned to the side of the building and parked smack dab in the middle of an area that hadn't 
been plowed. She tried 'rocking' the car and could not get out. Fortunately a young family noticed our dilemma and the dad helped Michele get unstuck. After we ate we came back here, had a glass of wine, and talked ALL afternoon.   I had planned to work in the basement that afternoon. Her son was at his dad's and she needed some adult time. We did have a nice visit.

Sunday hubby called home twice, yes TWICE! The first time I was busy so he talked to our grandson. When he called later he said he wanted to hear my voice. I almost fell off my chair!!! He never talks like maybe you know why I like it when he goes away....he tells me he loves me.

Today my "Martha-ness" was satisfied. I had coffee with a friend, then dropped off some donations at the thrift store, and spent the afternoon working in the basement. I made shrimp for dinner, scrubbed the kitchen floor, and am now relaxing in front of the TV.  

I know, the strangest things make me happy. I hope something/someone made you happy today!!!


  1. Strange things like that make ME happy, too! lol I love to get a lot accomplished and have that feeling of satisfaction when all is said and done. I am getting better at finishing things I start. I stay at them until they are done (usually)...not always.

    Maybe I should send MyHero down with your hubby!!! xo Diana

  2. I am glad K is being affectionate now. SAVE your emails! You may want to cling to them some day.